Demotech to Host Webinar on 2020 Florida Storm Season

Columbus, Ohio, June 11, 2020: Demotech, Inc., the first rating service to review and rate independent, regional, and specialty insurance companies and the rating service of choice for residential property insurers focused on Florida, announces its 2020 storm season webinar series and subject matter experts in response to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s predictions of above normal activity with a more extreme Atlantic season.    

Each session is self-contained.  However, if you are interested in continuous participation over the 2020 season, sign up for all. Questions? Contact Joe Petrelli, President, at or (614) 526-2160.

The webinars will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

All webinars begin at 10:30 AM EST and conclude no later than 11:30 am EST. 

Anticipated itinerary and agenda for the June 16, 2020 webinar:

  • Greeting, antitrust statement and opening comments                        Demotech
  • Status of the reinsurance marketplace                                               TigerRisk
  • The pulse of producers                                                                      Lisa Miller
  • View from the Capitol steps                                                              FAIR
  • Thoughts on the claims pipeline                                                        CaseGlide
  • Questions and answers                                                                       Demotech

To register, follow this link:

Demotech, Inc.

Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm specializing in evaluating the financial stability of independent, regional, and specialty insurers.  Demotech’s philosophy is to review and evaluate insurers based on their area of focus and execution of their business model rather than solely on financial size.  Demotech reviews more than 400 insurers operating in the US.  Visit for additional information.

TigerRisk Partners

Brian O’Neill, David Unsworth, and Marc Lauricella will represent TigerRisk.  Formed in 2008, TigerRisk Partners is a privately-held reinsurance broker and risk/capital management advisor with a selective list of current and prospective customers. They focus on challenging the status quo where both customers and reinsurance partners benefit from their market knowledge and innovative analytical platform.  TigerRisk has a team of experts who assume the roles of problem solver, innovator, and sophisticated financial solutions provider. The depth of resident intellectual capital, market knowledge, and industry relationships enable them to provide unparalleled creativity and service.

Federal Association for Insurance Reform (FAIR)

Paul Handerhan, President, is an expert on a variety of insurance issues including underwriting, claims handling, and insurance fraud. He has extensive experience in the legislative, regulatory, and business operating environments. Over the next four sessions, he will discuss potential public policy reforms to improve Florida’s homeowners insurance marketplace. Areas of discussion will include third-party claim participants, litigation, and insurance company claim practices.

Lisa Miller and Associates

Leveraging a 30+ year network of industry colleagues, Florida’s former Deputy Insurance Commissioner Lisa Miller will share news of the marketplace from the perspective of insurance agency offices, adjusters, regulators, and all those on the front lines who have their boots on the ground.


Wesley Todd, CEO and co-founder, has spent his entire career helping claims organizations and law firms manage litigation. Prior to CaseGlide, Wesley represented the world’s largest insurance companies as an attorney at one of the largest insurance defense law firms. While representing dozens of the top claims organizations in the United States, Wesley recognized how chaotic some claims litigation departments were and with great innovation created the country’s leading litigation management platform.