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The Demotech Difference is a quarterly magazine that facilitates meaningful communication and discussion. Each issue features unique perspectives from subject matter experts on emerging concepts, tools, and techniques, to encourage learning and the evolution of our industry.

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Our Latest Issue

New Year, New Hopes for Positive Solutions to Challenges in the Industry

Wherever I went in the last month, I heard people say how glad they were to move past 2023. The consensus was a genuine hope that 2024 would be better, or at least different, than the previous year.

Last year did bring challenges and perhaps frustrations most haven’t felt as keenly in the recent past. Inflation, politics, employment … not a discussion point here, but important, none the less. Challenges like these are good in that they spur efforts to search for improvement.

In this issue, we have a thread running through the articles of efforts made by individuals and organizations toward improvement in the industry.

In our cover story, an interview with NCOIL President Texas State Rep. Dr. Tom Oliverson, he brings up a need to look at changes to improve affordability and availability of insurance in the P&C marketplace, as well as a serious look at the state of health insurance.
Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Tim Temple also has an eye on working with his team this year to take on the cost and availability of insurance, specifically in his state of Louisiana.

Combating fraud is the subject of several articles in this issue, and with good reason. According to the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services 2023 Fraud Investigation Unit Annual Report, more than 60 percent of insurers say fraud has climbed over the last three years with 75 percent of insurers using automated systems to detect fraudulent claims. Michelle Rafeld, now executive director of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud this year, has spent much of her career gaining experience to battle fraud, and will direct those energies through CAIF.

Lisa Clark discusses technology-enabled claim instigation and the deleterious effect this business model has had on insurance companies not prepared to understand dramatic increases in litigation. Joe Petrelli addressed a congressional subcommittee to describe the problem.

Let’s hope 2024 brings a continuation of positive and lasting changes!

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cover photo of the book "Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm was a special publication of The Demotech Difference. Given the impact of the extraordinary number of natural disasters in 2017, this special issue recognized the impact of those disasters on the insurance industry and on the nation.

Experts, first responders and leaders from the United States and Puerto Rico shared thoughts on the storms that pounded the nation by discussing how the industry responded. We looked at the effects of the disasters on each state, and we heard from disaster response leadership in areas that were hardest hit. We featured everyday heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty during the emergencies.

Strength Through the Storm is about promises made and promises kept through difficult times and the strength of Demotech-rated carriers that protect our communities.

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