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The Demotech Difference

The Demotech Difference is a quarterly magazine that facilitates meaningful communication and discussion. Each issue features unique perspectives from subject matter experts on emerging concepts, tools, and techniques, to encourage learning and the evolution of our industry.

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Our Latest Issue

Memorial Day, which was established as a national holiday in the United States in 1971, began in the Civil War era to recognize the countless fallen soldiers, and most communities in the U.S. still hold some observances of the day. In addition, May 8 and 9 is set aside as The Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During the Second World War, designated an international day of remembrance by the United Nations General Assembly in 2004.

Its interesting that these times of remembrance are set in the spring, which often symbolizes hope to those waiting for the first signs of life from flowers and trees after the deadness of winter. Perhaps the reason was a deliberate effort not to dwell on loss, but to remember the good and look forward to what is yet to come. Remember and carry on.

In this issue, our industry experts weigh in on a number of topics that are well served by remembering the past and moving on to greater solutions and advances.

In our cover story, NCOIL President Rep. Deborah Ferguson shares how utilizing her background as a health care provider informs her role in public service and enables her to view every issue facing NCOIL with the ability to see all sides with clarity and compassion.

An article by Clearcover, a car insurance company, highlights their Women in Insurance and Technology program that helps women develop professionally and personally. The program was birthed when Clearcover’s recruiters found it difficult to find female talent when hiring in the industry. They worked to remedy that situation by initiating their own program of development.

Our guest editorial by Gregory Hoeg looks at the recent Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank takeovers both from a historical viewpoint and from an evaluation of ways to better measure bank performance in todays rapidly changing economic climate.

Author Jeff Shi looks at the same banking situations and evaluates the effect on insurtech, and how some bold partnerships and initiatives could sustain business through the storms.

Marissa Buckley discusses insurtech funding challenges today, compared to even a year ago, and gives some practical strategies for facing todays funding scenario. Equally strategic, we have more articles addressing better claims handling strategies, and effectively navigating communication crises in the workplace.
Our August issue will introduce “Meet The Demotech Differences.” Although I edit, and you receive, The Demotech Difference on a quarterly basis, the fundamental differences of Demotech versus other insurer rating agencies emanate from the breadth and depth of the expertise of our long-tenured, experienced personnel.

Although Joe and Sharon Petrelli are the founders, with Joe the most familiar face of Demotech, they both agree that the long-tenured team of credentialed analysts and support personnel are The Demotech Difference. Future issues of TDD will provide insights on the experience, expertise, credentials, maybe even the hobbies and recreational activities, of the team who has been leveling the insurer ratings playing field since Demotech issued its initial ratings nearly 40 years ago.

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cover photo of the book "Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm was a special publication of The Demotech Difference. Given the impact of the extraordinary number of natural disasters in 2017, this special issue recognized the impact of those disasters on the insurance industry and on the nation.

Experts, first responders and leaders from the United States and Puerto Rico shared thoughts on the storms that pounded the nation by discussing how the industry responded. We looked at the effects of the disasters on each state, and we heard from disaster response leadership in areas that were hardest hit. We featured everyday heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty during the emergencies.

Strength Through the Storm is about promises made and promises kept through difficult times and the strength of Demotech-rated carriers that protect our communities.

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