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The Demotech Difference is a quarterly magazine that facilitates meaningful communication and discussion. Each issue features unique perspectives from subject matter experts on emerging concepts, tools, and techniques, to encourage learning and the evolution of our industry.

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Our Latest Issue

Sun-filled skies, glorious beaches, and cool forests laced with walking trails — summer’s best invites a slower pace and for vacationers to stop and breathe in the beauty around them. These environments epitomize the relaxation and easy pace craved by those needing a break from daily life and work life, before new challenges come with the arrival of fall, including tighter schedules of life, school, and work.

Every aspect of life changed in some way over the last two years, with unfamiliar challenges in business and personal life. I’ve heard someone describe it as similar to standing on the beach right at the water’s edge, and feeling the sand shift underfoot continually. This issue of The Demotech Difference looks at a few of those shifts and challenges we’re facing and offers ideas for meeting the changes or at least understanding them a little fuller.

Johnny Taylor Jr addresses a vital topic for today’s employers. He explores how leadership and workplace culture can change to foster an environment of greater mental wellness, which increases productivity and satisfaction for employees and company leadership.

Difficulties in hiring and recruiting are described by Tom Harvey, who connects a social media phenomenon of “ghosting” to the hiring process, and the complications that now causes.

Greenberg Traurig takes a detailed look at Florida’s recent special legislative session on property insurance, and all the moving parts that led up to that session and contributed to the outcome.

Industry thought-leader Guy Fraker does a deep dive into Florida’s insurance litigation statistics. And the look at Florida and it’s insurance history includes a retrospective on Hurricane Andrew, past effects and recovery of infrastructure, building regulations, and insurance legislation in the state after Florida’s first markedly devastating hurricane, by Demotech intern Tyler Grogg.

We have a look at common myths about cybersecurity firms that companies must know by Bill Haber and Dean Mechlowitz, and an article on the changing digital landscape and the ways that companies must approach consumers and advertising to stay relevant and successful, by Demotech contributor Cormac Horan.

Our regular contributors bring their industry expertise in a range of topics, from critical errors in the title insurance process, worker mental health, and complications that today’s social climate bring to the hiring process.

Finally, we have the Ritchie Hockey Foundation. Author Lisa Miller writes of the foundation, launched by Donna and Bob Ritchie, president and CEO of American Integrity Insurance, after the untimely passing of their son, Jason. The Foundation uses Jason’s love of hockey to help student athletes realize their dreams. Many Tampa Bay companies and residents support the Ritchie Hockey Foundation, and have for the last 13 years.

As vacation season comes to an end, let that time of rest and renewal bring fresh insight and inspiration to face the next season, and whatever it will bring.

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cover photo of the book "Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm was a special publication of The Demotech Difference. Given the impact of the extraordinary number of natural disasters in 2017, this special issue recognized the impact of those disasters on the insurance industry and on the nation.

Experts, first responders and leaders from the United States and Puerto Rico shared thoughts on the storms that pounded the nation by discussing how the industry responded. We looked at the effects of the disasters on each state, and we heard from disaster response leadership in areas that were hardest hit. We featured everyday heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty during the emergencies.

Strength Through the Storm is about promises made and promises kept through difficult times and the strength of Demotech-rated carriers that protect our communities.

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