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The Demotech Difference

The Demotech Difference is a quarterly magazine that facilitates meaningful communication and discussion. Each issue features unique perspectives from subject matter experts on emerging concepts, tools, and techniques, to encourage learning and the evolution of our industry.

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Our Latest Issue

No cute quotes about pumpkin spice or falling leaves, but I have a genuine wash of relief that a summer with weather challenges, among other taxing situations, is over, and is transitioning into autumn. I know many regions do not have a marked difference between summer and fall, but I love when transitions are this welcome.

On the cover of this issue are four leaders in the insurance industry who have weathered changes and transitions over the decades. Werner Kruck, president and CEO of American Association of Insurance Services, talks about his long career and the changes he’s seen over the years.

CEO of Prime Insurance Company Rick Lindsey views the industry from the many aspects he’s had experience with, and has unique perspective on insurance and the consumer.

Frank Nutter, president of the Reinsurance Association of America, states that advocacy has been the aspect of his career he has enjoyed the most, and the thought leadership RAA has provided on climate issues.

Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon, formerly elected president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, talks about changes the organization have influenced, as diverse as the driving age for young drivers to the coastal exposure in property and casualty in the Gulf states.

We are announcing our annual STAR Award winners. Twenty-two companies earned this year’s award for running a profitable business while satisfying all stakeholders and that is a great accomplishment.

Demotech, itself, again earned the Acquisition International 2023 Global Excellence Award for Best Independent Insurance Rating Agency.

We are recognizing two anniversaries in this issue. The Society for Human Resource Management celebrates 75 years as a thriving HR firm and a part of this profession’s journey to be a vital necessity for the workforce.

The Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers celebrates 30 years with a reputation as a leading provider of global property catastrophe insurance and reinsurance capacity.

And finally, in an article about raising bison, Ohio Bison ranchers model environment-friendly methods of regenerative practices as a transition from traditional livestock ranching, and describe why the methods are so effective on a small scale and are better for the environment.

May all your transitions this season be smooth!

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cover photo of the book "Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm

Strength Through the Storm was a special publication of The Demotech Difference. Given the impact of the extraordinary number of natural disasters in 2017, this special issue recognized the impact of those disasters on the insurance industry and on the nation.

Experts, first responders and leaders from the United States and Puerto Rico shared thoughts on the storms that pounded the nation by discussing how the industry responded. We looked at the effects of the disasters on each state, and we heard from disaster response leadership in areas that were hardest hit. We featured everyday heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty during the emergencies.

Strength Through the Storm is about promises made and promises kept through difficult times and the strength of Demotech-rated carriers that protect our communities.

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