Demotech, Inc. Releases Series on Property & Casualty Insurance Statutory Financial Statements – Page 2, Assets

Columbus, Ohio, August, 5, 2016: Demotech, Inc. created a series of presentations describing the important sections of the Property & Casualty insurance statutory financial statement. This series focuses on the major sections of the annual statement, and explains how to interpret the core components of financial results. According to Joseph Petrelli, President, Demotech Inc. “Everyone associated with a Property & Casualty insurance company has to refer to the yellow book annual statement that is filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Those references may as well be based on the insights of an experienced practitioner. I asked some of the professionals at Demotech to prepare this series to highlight some of the information, as well as inform those in the P&C industry what they should be looking for when reviewing these statements.”

In the first video of the series, Bob Warren, CPCU, Client Services Manager, Demotech Inc., reviews Page 2 of the annual statement, the Assets page. According to Warren, “the focus of this page is about being able to pay claims, to determine how liquid the company’s assets are for meeting its obligations and satisfying potential claims.”

This presentation gives the viewers a detailed description of the second page of the annual statement, including how information is presented, and which financial metrics to look for on this page.

The presentation on Page 2 of the annual statement can be viewed from the Demotech YouTube channel For questions, or to view the presentations on some of the other sections of the annual statement, including Schedule P and the Five Year Historical Data pages, email Rachel Wilkins at

About Demotech, Inc.

Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm specializing in evaluating the financial stability of regional and specialty insurers.  Since 1985, Demotech has served the insurance industry by assigning accurate, reliable and proven Financial Stability Ratings® (FSRs) for Property & Casualty insurers and Title underwriters.  FSRs are a leading indicator of financial stability, providing an objective baseline of the future solvency of an insurer.  Demotech’s philosophy is to review and evaluate insurers based on their area of focus and execution of their business model rather than solely on financial size.  Visit for more information.

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