Demotech Concludes 2020 Review of Data for Title Insurance Underwriters Relating to Escrow Theft and Defalcation Prevention Measures

Columbus, Ohio, December 8, 2020: As the first to review and rate Title underwriters, Demotech, Inc. has observed and reported on the impact of defalcations and escrow theft on the Title industry, for more than 30 years.  As part of its ongoing monitoring and review process, Demotech annually requests Title underwriters assigned a Financial Stability Rating® to submit information pertaining to mitigation of defalcations and escrow theft. 

The information requested by Demotech consists of a questionnaire and detailed summary for each Title underwriter as well as any additional information or documentation they wish to provide.  Title underwriters responded by submitting their current agent review process, defalcation prevention procedures, and any other mitigation procedures. 

The information Demotech receives as part of this data request is confidential and is not shared at an individual underwriter level.  Demotech has released the aggregate results of regional underwriters as it applies to their agency appointment policies as well as defalcation and escrow theft prevention measures.  The information contained in the study reflects the results of 40 regional Title underwriters.

Overall, the aggregate results of regional Title underwriters seem consistent.  For the period July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, only four defalcations were discovered by regional Title underwriters.  For perspective, regional Title underwriters wrote over 2.6 million policies in 2019.  While no system may be completely effective, it seems the processes and procedures currently in place are mitigating defalcation activity.

The full results of this data request can be found at

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