Florida Quarterly Review

As a recognized industry leader providing Financial Stability Ratings® (FSRs) for the Property & Casualty insurance industry, Demotech, Inc. has released the Florida Quarterly Review (FQR) at the request of reinsurance brokers, regulators, agents, consumers, lenders and the Florida domiciled property writers themselves.  The FQR provides excerpts of financial performance and comparative reports for Florida property writers.

The FQR has been designed and structured to provide selected financial information and ratios for property writers in Florida.  Many of the selected financial categories and ratios appear in Guidance on Financial Stability Ratings® and Catastrophe Reinsurance Program Reporting for Florida Property Insurers, released March 2010.

The FQR should not be relied upon to determine information regarding the assignment or affirmation of FSRs.  The assignment or affirmation of an FSR is contingent upon Demotech’s interpretation of the overall financial stability of the insurer, not solely on the data and information presented in the FQR.  Demotech reviews and evaluates quantitative as well as qualitative data on each company during the review and rating assignment process.

The financial information and ratios in the FQR are objective, historical, statutory accounting evaluation criteria available from the public financial statements of each rated insurer writing property business in Florida.  These criteria do not constitute a safe harbor or bright-line indicator for assignment or affirmation of an FSR.