In Wake of Storms, Southern United States Looks Ahead

Columbus, Ohio – April 30, 2011

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia have had tornadoes sweep through their states this past week leaving behind their wreckage.  The personal tragedies associated with the recent tornadoes and storms that struck the southern United States are incalculable and inestimable.  The property damage associated with these storms is finite and measurable though and the property insurance market is reeling.  Early indications have the total cost of the storms in the billions of dollars.

Fortunately for homeowners affected in these states, insurers listed as the Top 10 Homeowners Multi-Peril in Direct Premiums Written for 2010 have a thorough understanding of these markets.  The companies listed in the Top 10 for this region are all affiliated with well-respected and financially stable groups: State Farm, Allstate, United Service Automobile Association, Tennessee Farmers, Nationwide and Alfa Insurance.  As State Farm Fire and Casualty Company had over 50 percent of the direct premium written for the affected states and is the overall top homeowners writer in each of these states, they will be a factor in responding to these disasters.

Top 10 Homeowners Multi-Peril
2010 Direct Premiums Written
In AL, AR, GA, LA, MS, TN and VA (Combined)


State Farm Fire and Casualty Company



Allstate Insurance Company



United Service Automobile Association



Allstate Indemnity Company



Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance Company



Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company



Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company



Alfa Mutual Insurance Company



Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Company



USAA Casualty Insurance Company



For the lists of the Top 10 in each of the states affected by these recent tornadoes and storms, click here.

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