Cyber Security Panel at Demotech’s I LEAD Insurance Conference 2019 Provides Unique Perspective

Columbus, OH, July 26, 2019:  Although most view cyber risk as a recent addition to emerging exposures, the Cyber Security panel at Demotech’s I LEAD Insurance Conference, hosted in Columbus, Ohio, August 18-20, 2019 will provide a multi-faceted perspective that few C-suiters have heard.  Moderated by Paul D. Osborne, Senior Analyst, Demotech, the panel will feature subject matter experts providing a longer term perspective on this threat. 

Brian Shea, Chief Information Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, MBX Medical Billing Experts will discuss how changes in regulations, statutes, customs, and practices have impacted both the need and the standard of care necessary to protect personal information; all these aspects of change are in addition to the metamorphism of threats from cyber security. 

Polly Clavijo, Chief Operations Officer and co-founder, Revolution Group will discuss how the internet, the evolution, and proliferation of software languages and the development of consumer friendly connectivity, to name a few milestones, also can have a dark side.

Scott Love, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, having focused on cyber-crime for nearly a decade, will present historical scenarios demonstrating that cyber security is a long-standing risk.  It is emerging and changing but not a recent threat.

Rick Bersnak, Vice President, Commercial Lines, The Keenan Agency will discuss the evolution of the coverage options available to businesses and consumers.  Given that the “bad guys who hack” can move quickly and the insurance industry’s development of coverage provisions must work within a well-defined and public set of state by state regulations in response, it is critically important for businesses and consumers to have experienced professionals assist them evaluate their options – early and often!

Demotech President Joseph L. Petrelli notes, “The recent emphasis and focus on cyber security is directly related to the evolution of the breadth, depth, scope, and level of online cyber activity.  For example, I used to receive a hard copy statement of my canceled checks once a month.  Today I have the ability to get online 24/7/365 and as often as I like to do so to determine if check number 1234 has been deposited.  And, I no longer need to be on my PC to do so.  I can use a tablet or phone.  Paul’s panelists, Brian, Polly, Scott, and Rick will flesh out this unique perspective on cyber security while providing their thoughts on how to address the threats while harnessing technology to benefit your stakeholders.”

About Demotech’s I LEAD Conference 2019: Facets of Leadership

Demotech presents I LEAD Conference 2019 on August 18 – 20 at the Hilton Columbus at Easton.  I LEAD is the premier conference for C-Suite insurance leaders.  Demotech’s program features exceptional speakers presenting facets of leadership of vital concern to carriers who will lead the industry. The conference, formerly known as the Super Regional P/C Insurer™ Conference, has sold out for the past two years.

Attendance at I LEAD 2019 can result in continuing education credit for agents, attorneys and accountants.  FDMC credit (5 hours) is available from NAMIC.