Inside P&C Forms Partnership with Demotech, Focused on I LEAD Conference 2019

Columbus, OH, June 17, 2019: Joe Petrelli, President, Demotech, and Gavin Davis, Director of Research and Head of Americas, The Insurance Insider, are pleased to announce that Inside P&C will be the leading media partner and will provide real time market feedback and updates from I LEAD Conference 2019, August 18 through 20. 

Petrelli notes that “Inside P&C was designed to provide unparalleled market intelligence on the entire US P&C market, whether small commercial, personal lines, or reinsurance, including Bermuda. As this market is served by Demotech and I LEAD 2019, we welcome the opportunity to share the insights of the subject matter experts at I LEAD 2019 with subscribers of Inside P&C.” 

Gavin Davis notes “Demotech has advocated for financially stable, independent, regional and specialty carriers in the US since 1989.  With Inside P&C’s focus on the US insurance market and its broader stakeholders, I look forward to participating in I LEAD and learning how Demotech can supplement our capability to provide our subscribers with the unparalleled market intelligence on the US P&C market that they need and deserve. I encourage subscribers and recipients of Inside P&C to join us at I LEAD 2019. Although breaking news is critical to thought leaders, our high-value commentary on companies and industry themes during the conference and beyond will provide insights beyond the headline.  It is clear that Demotech and the I LEAD Conference share our desire to look beyond the obvious to provide insights that management can leverage to create or maintain durable competitive advantages. ‘Know first, understand better’ is our commitment to subscribers of Inside P&C. Sharing the insights of the expert speakers at I LEAD 2019 is consistent with our mission.  We’re excited to join senior leadership of Demotech and dozens of top carriers in Columbus.”

Sharon Romano Petrelli, CPCU, AIAF, CCP, ARC, Vice President and co-founder, Demotech, summarizes the synergy, “No one has reviewed and rated independent, regional, and specialty insurers in the US longer than Demotech. We recognized the needs of this important segment back in 1989.  Our Super Regional Conferences and the development of the I LEAD Conference in 2019 focus on the functionality of subject matter expertise. We are delighted to introduce Inside P&C as an additional voice of the P&C carriers operating in the US. ”

Joe Petrelli says “Our conference will provide two days of intense dialogue on pertinent issues.  During I LEAD 2019, attendees will hear from industry experts. Equally as important to everyone focused on the US P&C market is the need for continuous, ongoing access to breaking news and high value commentary – the objectives of Inside P&C.  The combination of focus, follow-up, and frequency creates durable competitive advantage.  This means that attendance at I LEAD 2019 should be complemented, and reinforced, throughout the year via the daily updates and analyses provided to subscribers by Inside P&C.”

About Demotech’s I LEAD Conference 2019: Facets of Leadership

Demotech presents the I LEAD Conference August 18 through 20 at the Hilton Columbus at Easton.  I LEAD is the premier conference for C-Suite insurance leaders.  Demotech’s event features speakers discussing facets of leadership of vital concern to the industry. Formerly the Super Regional P/C Insurer™ Conference, this limited attendance event sold out in 2017 and 2018. 

Service providers: There is no registration for vendors. To attend, a vendor must be a sponsor.  For information on sponsorship, contact Victoria Dimond, (614) 526-2172, or

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