Demotech Selects Sandy Elsass to Discuss Healthcare and Fitness at I LEAD Conference 2019

Columbus, OH, June 13, 2019: Healthcare and employee benefits are the second highest personnel cost, surpassed only by salaries.  At Demotech’s I LEAD Conference 2019 Sandy Elsass, President and Co-founder, The HealthShare Plan, will discuss the futility of attempting to control healthcare costs while addressing the power of managing healthcare costs by focusing on both the expectations and wellness of employees. 

Sandy will address:

  • The history of major healthcare business models
  • The importance and impact of collaboration between patients, providers and facilitators, including insurers
  • Collaboration as a means to cut the cost of services yet concurrently increase quality
  • How the frictional costs currently associated with billing, paying, collection, and other administrative efforts can be mitigated by the consumer’s thoughtful selection of an “Initial Unshareable Amount”
  • How patients, providers, and facilitators (insurers) are empowered to revise the healthcare paradigm from cost containment of healthcare to fitness and sharing of medical expenses

About Demotech’s I LEAD Conference 2019: Facets of Leadership

Demotech presents I LEAD Conference on August 18 – 20, 2019 at the Hilton Columbus at Easton.  I LEAD is the premier conference for C-Suite insurance leaders.  Demotech’s program features exceptional speakers presenting facets of leadership of vital concern to carriers who will lead the industry. The conference, formerly known as the Super Regional P/C Insurer™ Conference, has sold out for the past two years.

Service providers: There is no vendor registration. To attend, you must be a sponsor. For information on sponsorship, call Victoria Dimond, (614) 526-2172, or

About The HealthShare Plan

Medical Cost Sharing is an innovative solution to managing healthcare costs.  Unlike insurance it offers an opportunity to manage and control of healthcare choices without surprise bills or in versus out of network hassles.  When one joins The HealthShare Plan, you are joining a medical cost sharing community.  This is not an insurance plan.  However, it’s fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act. 

Every month members contribute to help pay for the medical Needs of the community.  ​A “Need” is defined as one or more medical expenses caused by an accident or illness.​  When you have a medical Need, you first pay your fixed Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA), and then the community steps in to share the rest.  Upon enrollment, you have a choice of a $500 or $1,000 IUA per Need.

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