Insurance Agents Errors & Omissions Insolvency Exclusion – Course Description

March 7, 2012

According to Insurance Journal’s annual Agency Errors and Omission’s Survey, agents are becoming increasingly aware of the insolvency exclusion within E&O policies. In the 2011 survey, more than half of the respondents indicated that the insolvency provision is adversely impacting carrier placement. Producers and E&O underwriters need to understand what remedies are available to address such insolvency provisions.

This class, “Insurance Agents Errors and Omissions Solvency Exclusion,” is intended for any agency with the insolvency exclusion in its E&O policy. Additionally, any producer with responsibility for purchasing agency E&O insurance will benefit from this session. E&O underwriters will also benefit from this class. Essentially, anyone affected by or involved in agency E&O coverage will benefit from this class.

Completers of this class will leave with a deeper understanding of the E&O policy’s insolvency exclusion, remedies available to address the insolvency provision, and, as equally as important, regain the ability to choose his or her markets based upon the market’s ability to meet the needs of the agency’s clients, not the whims of their E&O carrier.

Students in this class will learn: 

  • The existence of an insolvency exclusion in an agent’s E&O policy limits competition among carriers vying for a producer’s business
  • Insolvency exclusion explanation and analysis
  • Examples of insolvency exclusions
  • Litigation related to interpretation of insolvency exclusions
  • Solutions exist to address the insolvency exclusion.


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