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Tonight I was at my granddaughter's soccer game and decided to my Nav. I had it on a thin less expensive that really looked good in my opinion.

When my heart slowed and I was through thanking I was able to drive home. Upon inspection I the fault was not in the strap but in the spring bars. I had bought eight pair of Breitling spring bars a few years ago so I was able to compare a new to the used spring bar that came out.

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That pin is in the trash and two new pins are now installed using my replica Breitling leather strap. People, keep an eye on your watch pisces and in case you were going to ask, I do use a Bergeon tool not a butter knife.

As I watched, and got a little enthusiastic about overtime win, I did not notice that my watch was no longer on my wrist. As we were getting ready to head for the cars my other grand daughter walked up to me and asked if this, the watch in her hand, was mine? My heart literally in my chest when I looked into her hand and saw my Nav, one side of the strap not attached to the watch. My son in law had found it and thought it was mine and she brought it over to me.

The pin part of the bar that seats into the horn hole was noticeably worn as I have used these pins for many years and I swap out my straps regularly. The bottom line, check the pins and spring strength when and if you change your straps.

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